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Coming soon! a music album composed by Arash Zanganeh

Caravan, Dáf, Sába

A rhythmic review of Ostād Saba's music by Arash Zanganeh

Caravan, Dáf, Sábā is a significant source for playing Dáf, in which Ostād Abol Hasan Sabā's inspirational music have been analysed and written by its sacred rhythms for the Dáf. This album has been latterly recorded with the Iranian extraordinary of today's musicians. These pieces include Dáf notions.

Daffodil Reverie was composed by Martin Reese who took inspiration from an English dance tune that song speeds up and slows down, returning constantly to a steady beat. In this version, the emphasis is less on the steady and more on the different rhythms that the music conveys. Couple this with the passionate lyrics and inventive arrangement of Arash Zanganeh, add in the striking performances from the members of the Diaspora Ensemble and special guests, and you have it: the daffodils move in the wind and we are entranced.

QLD Australia and Iran 2020


Proudly announcing the first commercial video clip of Ensemble Diaspora which is supported by Global Music TV shows. It’s created based on Persian Sufi and Celtic music by Sebastian Flynn and Arash Zanganeh.

QLD Australia and Iran 2019

Sheyda Shodam

Notice of a rare opportunity to highly awarded Persian music concerts Master Shahram Nazeri and Madakto ensemble of his Australia tour.

NSW Australia 2018