Ritual      (BRIEF LOOK)

Proudly announcing the first commercial video clip of Ensemble Diaspora which is supported by Global Music TV shows. It’s created based on Persian Sufi and Celtic music by Sebastian Flynn and Arash Zanganeh.

QLD Australia and Iran 2019

Sheyda Shodam  (BRIEF LOOK)

Notice of a rare opportunity to highly awarded Persian music concerts Master Shahram Nazeri and Madakto ensemble of his Australia tour.

NSW Australia 2018

This album, Mystery of Creation, is a fusion, an attempt to bring together the intricacies of traditional Persian music with western electronic music. The use of Persian instruments alongside western instruments requires knowledge of both western music as well as the traditional Persian style evidenced in this collection. In weaving together these diverse styles one can find a new identity which at the same time as maintaining its Persian tradition, allows for a broader understanding and engagement by both Iranians and people from other cultures. The incorporation of poems by Rumi, and traditional singing with vocal ornamentation (tahrir), which is based on the Persian modes of Nava, Shur, Chahargah and Homayoon, creates joyous waves of sounds.

QLD Australia 2016

Khorram Yad, It is a recitation of Maestro Homayoun Khorram. Audio CD

Vocals-Omid Rahimi

Arranged- Pouya Foroohari

QLD Australia, 2013

Flame of Truth   (BRIEF LOOK)

Audio CD

Composer: Pouya Foroohari,

Vocals: Alireza Shahmohammadi,

Navagar Music-Tehran, 2012