Arash Zanganeh

Arash Zanganeh was born in Tehran in 1976. He is a Persian percussionist, composer and teacher whose work draws on Sufi traditions and Iranian folkloric music from regions. Arash’s father, Ali Asghar Khan Zanganeh was an esteemed Iranian instrument maker and advocate of traditional Iranian music. Arash graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts from the Science and Cultural University of Tehran 2004 and since then he has continued to research traditional folk, classical and devotional music.


Arash’s interest in world music was ignited by his participation in the Oriental Music Exchange (Tajali Program) in India sponsored by the Iranian Cultural Attaché in New Delhi in 2000. In the same year his recording with the great female mystic Abida Parveen, and the recording project Rumi in the Land of Khusrau in honour of Jalāl ad‐Dīn Muhammad Balkhī and Amir Khusrau Dehlavi in India, also inspired his passion for devotional music.

Arash has been an international member in Silk Road Ensemble supported by Indiana University Departments (USA), 2010.


Teaching experience includes:

  • Teaching Music at Madakto Art Centre in Sydney, since 2016.

  • Instruction of Youth Music and Art Aesthetic in Southbank Institute of Technology (TAFE Queensland ...), since 2013.

  • Teaching Music at Australian Persian Art Centre in Melbourne, since 2012.

  • Judge at the Golestan Province Music Festival of (Music Association of Golestan Association) in Fakhreddin Assad Gorgani, 2004.

  • Instruction of Film Music and Art Aesthetic in Art University, Karaj Branch, 2004.

  • Instruction music in Visual Arts and Music High School of Karaj City for two years, 2002 to 2004.

  • Manager General of Music Association of Art University of Tehran, 2000‐2001.

  • Head of Tamashagah Raz Music Center and instructor of percussion instruments, Tehran in 1998‐2000.



Arash has researched ancient Persian music and philosophy in the following positions:

  • Art Manager of the Symposium in Acknowledgement of Jalāl ad‐Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (Rumi) in Collaboration with Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Municipality of Karaj, 2006.

  • Participating in the Second Symposium in Acknowledgement of Two Great Philosophers of the East (Avicenna and Avennasar) in collaboration with The Medical Sciences University of Central Province (Arak), 2006.

  • Directing and performing in countless traditional Persian music concerts for a number of Iranian cultural centres, universities, polytechnics and music festivals 2006.


Cinematography highlights:

• Art Director of the film Seven Realms of Love, which is based on Sheikh Attar’s the conference of the birds in 2007.

• Performing Iranian Music Concert in honour of Persian film developers, Feb 2010.


Most significant publication


ISBN: 978-0-9942417-0-2

15 January 2015: Arash’s recent publication, QLD Australia.


The traditional Frame Drum of Sufis around the world


A guide to Dáf technique & Middle Eastern rhythms is a practical book with historical and theoretical sections too.  It’s aimed at both beginners and intermediate players, and the accompanying audio resources provide examples of various Dáf techniques and Ornaments. This book is an outcome of the long-time ongoing research on folk music around the Middle East, specialized Iran. This book will be published in both Persian and English. It is of interest to Western world music enthusiasts who are interested in cultural diversity in music.


This project was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.