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‘Daffodil Reverie was inspired by an English dance tune that speeds up and slows down, returning constantly to a steady beat.  In this version, the emphasis is less on the steady and more on the different rhythms that the music conveys.  Couple this with the passionate lyrics and inventive arrangement of Arash Zanganeh, add in the striking performances from the members of the Diaspora Ensemble and special guests, and you have it: the daffodils move in the wind and we are entranced’.


Martin Reese

You have created the Work "DAFFODIL REVERIE" with Work Id GW59108579


Daffodil Reverie


Into a worldly temple my beloved enters, goblet in hand

Intoxicated from wine, intoxicating drinkers’ reverie with his eyes


New moon visible in the horseshoe of his steed

Loftiness of the cypress lowered by the stature of thee


Why should I say there is news of myself when there is not

Why should I say there is not when my vision is with my beloved


The flame of my intimate heart lowered as he rose

The wailing of those who stare into beauty rose as he lowered


Return as spent life shall return, oh Hafiz

Although the arrow that has been released shall never return


Tenzin Choegyal: Vocals

Sina Motamed: Shourangiz

Martin Reese: Mandolin, Mandola & Guitar

Sebastian Flynn: Violin

John Druery: Double Bass

Wendy Lang: Whistle & Clarinet

Francis Gilfedder: Backing Vocals & Manjira Indian Bells

Arash Zanganeh: Daf, Chaqana, Tonbak, Dayereh & Doholak

Sheyda Shodam is a live album that had been recorded through high quality audio at Sydney Lyric Theater in 2017.

01- Little by little, (اندک اندک)

Composed by Shahram Nazeri, Lyrics: Rumi


02- Flames in the Reeds, (آتشی در نیستان)

Composed by Shahram Nazeri, Lyrics: Majzoub Ali Shah


03- at the head of the wine-house, the morning-lesson, (درس سحر)

Composed by late Ostad Jalal Zolfonoon, Lyrics: Hafez

04- Ho Saki, pass around and offer the bowl, (دلا نزد کسی بنشین)

Composed by late Ostad Jalal Zolfonoon, Lyrics: Rumi & Hafez

05- Break of Dawn, (نهان مکن)

Composed by Shahram Nazeri, Lyrics: Rumi                                                             


06- Once again, the scent of my land, (باز هوای طنم)

Sufi Music, Lyrics: Fayz Kashani

07- Lost in love, (شیدا شدم)

Composed by Shahram Nazeri, Lyrics: Shahram Nazeri

08- Sweet, (شیرین شیرین)

Folk Music of Kurdistan

The album "Pearl without a shell " is designed by a Sufi Art Group based on the stories of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī's spiritual Masnavi.

This work is a selection of Rumi's masterpieces which has been followed effective moments on each story by music.

Pair composers: Arash Zanganeh & Abu Saeed Marzaei

Vocals: Bamdad Falahati

Under Anemone Rain

Setar: Ostậd Jalal Zolfonoon

Vocals: Bamdad Falahati

Recitation: Ostậd Soheil Mahmoudi

Oud Siyavash Esmaeili

Daf & Chaqana: Arash Zanganeh


Ostad Jalal Zolfonoun continued to record a number of albums on which he is featured as lead soloist, composer and ensemble player following the success of Gol-e Sadbarg album.

Under Anemone Rain is one of his remarkable albums where performed around Turkey, Iran and Australia before he passed away.

The Last String

Setar: Ostậd Jalal Zolfonoon

Vocals: Bamdad Falahati

Back Vocals: Tahereh Ganjbar & Seyed Ali Falahati

Recitation: Rashid Kakavand

Tonbak: Mahmood Farahmand Bafi

Daf & Chaqana: Arash Zanganeh


  1. Lalaee (Lullaby) “In memory of the departed”

  2. Dideh Darya Konam (Crying a river) Poem: Hafez

  3. Mezraab Halqehe-e (Special Pick Technique)

  4. Ayeneh Baran (Mirrors)

  5. Zarbi Kordi (Kurdish Percussive)

  6. Mahruyan (Moon Faced)

  7. Duet in Bayat-e Tork sub mod (Setar and Chaqana)

  8. Qasde Jafaha (A poem from Rumi)

  9. Masnavi Poem: Seyed Shahb-adin Mousavi

  10. Qaribaneh (Strangers) Poem: Houshang Ebtehaj#

  • Track 1 The Realm of Quest

It all begins in infinite darkness, the heart of night

The voice rises from the heart of silence.

The journey however, is always going on, from one nostalgia to another.

There is a time for everything under the sun:

A time to sew, a time to rend.

A time for silence, a time for speech.

A time to stop, a time to go….

….To go, step by step, threw nostalgia  from beginning to end,

To the nowhere of the self.

To leave behind the bodies load.

In the raging struggle of this ancient journey.

What matters is going,

The sky however, knows the invisible designs and the cause of the clouds departure.

And you too shall know when you go so far out,

As to see beyond your own horizons.

  • Track 2 The Realm of Love

Love is a naked pain.

A chance to lose;

 Though we suffer it;

And balloon like, it’s hat of mastery burdens our head.

And yet it lifts us up in the air,

Ever higher, without fear of falling.

Love shall hasten to your help.

Do cease the chances that are passing like clouds of the Heavens.

The cloud in its path is unaware of its own speed and travel and whirling.

Love is what transmutes nature. 

  • Track 3 The Realm of Insight

The true essence of love is motion from knowledge to vision,

From science to insight.

The eyes are valves to the human souls,

And vision:

The gate to the other world.

The Tree’s fruit however, is pain and banishment…. and rejection.

For, to everything there is an alms,

And the alms to wisdom is prolonged sorrow.

  • Track 4 The Realm of Deliverance

His being makes you independent on others,

Depended only on Himself.

Once He looks into you,

You will want no view over this.

And once you joined him from your need,

His coyness begins,

Dealing with which is the limit of deliverance from others.

Once you set your heart in His hand,

Then you shall immerge from the world.

Be as they were:

With a beloved and busy.

  • Track 5 The Realm of Oneness

No one is able to encounter Him,

For, He neither breeds nor was born.

He is single and sole.

The sole single one that fulfills you,

Cast off, so within yourself

He within you, and you in the labyrinth of yourself.

Say that the word is the beginning of being.Say I am nobody . . . nobody . . .  nobody.

  • Track 6 The Realm of Bewilderment

Being and doom are of the same origin.

Of the same essence are the hard and the easy.

Face to face are the high and the low.

Firm are the rise and fall.

Rhythmical are the pleasant and harsh voiced.

Equal are the front and behind …

. . . .Life is a music of opposites …

…He is everything and everything is He.

His visage must be seen with the whole being.

Possible threw vision alone,

The far end of this knowledge is bewilderment,

And turning away from it is impossible.

The way you began

That same way you shall be.

  • Track 7 The Realm of Poverty and Annihilation

 Brighter than darkness, I saw no lamp,

And better than silence, no speech.

I stayed in the house of silence,

Dressed in the garb of patience.

And became a bird,

It’s eyes of unity,

It’s feathers of perpetuity,

And I took to air,

Free of quality.

This album, created by late Ostād Jalal Zolfonoon & produced by Arash Zanganeh. It is based on Persian improvisation on Setar. It is a magical meditative album that Ostād  played with his soul.  

The Amorous and Dispersed album is based on Persian folklore poems by Baba Taher. It is a blend of folk Persian music on the Setar arrangements and Daf colors.  

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