the Sufi Art Group

The Sufi Art Group was founded in 2000, by Arash Zanganeh and Leila Honari with the goal of preserving art and culture of Iran.

The Sufi Art Group believes that the needs of people for art aren’t best classified through thought, class or pleasure. Rather, people’s artistic needs may be met through more sublime immaterial processes. A renunciation, albeit temporarily, of materialistic consumption is a key element of this process.



The goals of the Sufi Art Group are holistic and include:

  • Introducing great eastern arts, restoring and improving how the forgotten ones are conveyed.  Being informed by ethnographic post modernism and similarly taking an eastern mysticism approach and mixing it with modern art to express these subjects through the seven arts.

  • To be informed by the Humanistic ideas of the great thinkers in order to resolve the ethical and spiritual dilemmas of modern society with a hope to broaden peoples’ insight.

  • Showing the convergence of the seven arts and highlighting the unity among them and with the hope of highlighting unity among all parts of the world; a goal of salvation and maturity.



​We have multiple interests across a wide range of disciplines and genres:

  • Visual Arts

  • Music and Dance

  • Literary

  • Film and Animation